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Quite randomly, I decided to put together a fan soundtrack for Fatal Frame IV, focusing on the island, the rituals and the previous generation rather than Ruka, Madoka and Misaki. I've never done an FST before, but I thought it might be relevant to your interests. No cover art, I'm afraid; my graphics skills do not exist, so I'm sticking to the music.

Be warned: there are spoilers for Fatal Frame IV in the descriptions. Enter at your own risk!

Part I - 1970

Peter Hammill - A Ritual Mask (Full Lyrics, YouTube)
An ancient spiritual tradition has become a tourist attraction. The masks of Rougetsu Island are the realm of taboo as well as a symbol of cultural heritage. The families of the previous generations' priests and craftsmen must struggle to rediscover what their ancestors knew.

It was the song of the centuries undisturbed,
the song of secrets and power words;
the song of a culture not grown immune
to the virus of progress,
to the theft of the tune.

Slipknot - Circle (Full Lyrics, YouTube)
In spite of the danger and their inexperience, Souya and Shigeto decide to resurrect the most primitive ritual, the Kiraigou.

Give me the dust of my father
Stand on the face of the ancients
Bare the secret flesh of time itself

Follow me

Sarah Bettens - All Of This Past (Full Lyrics, YouTube)
Luna Sedata patients feel they are losing themselves, their memories eroded bit by bit. Music affects them strongly, and some of them hear strange tunes.

I can see myself
I look peaceful and pale
But underneath
I can barely inhale
I can hear myself singing that song
Over and over until it belongs to me

Zbigniew Preisner - Les Marionettes
Sakuya’s dolls become an anchor for her fragmented personality, and Souya’s masks reach into people’s souls, changing them for different purposes.

(Instrumental) YouTube

Renaissance - Black Flame (Full Lyrics, YouTube)
As Souya’s work on the mask consumes him, his marriage breaks down; Sayaka leaves him and takes Ruka to the mainland. The ritual fails, and the mask breaks, but Souya’s obsession will not leave him.

I'm not to blame, I didn't see the black flame
I'm not ashamed, it’s poetry, the black flame
I'm rearranged, it's changing me, the black flame
Burns my blackened brain

Part II - 1972

Queen Adreena - Pray For Me (Full Lyrics, YouTube)
Yuukou Magaki, a patient with severe Luna Sedata syndrome, paints his vision of a Blooming woman and the island's destruction.

I painted somebody
I painted some more
I painted a house and I opened the door
I made her come inside

The Gathering - Red Is A Slow Colour (Full Lyrics, YouTube)
Magaki's paintings are disturbing and sinister, but You Haibara is drawn back to them often, believing they are a sign that his sister will awaken.

I cannot speak because of
the confusion in my head
I am unfit and I want to leap away
But when I do
The red colour comes after me
It is fierce and it moves slow

Ludovico Einaudi - Canzone Populare
Two years pass, but nothing changes on the island. The air grows still and oppressive, and the ancient and modern sit uneasily together.

(Instrumental) YouTube

Muse - Sunburn (Full Lyrics, YouTube)
Sakuya awakens and begins to roam the island, spreading the Blooming to anyone who sees her. She comes last for Souya, who accepts his fate and waits for her in the caverns underground.

She burns like the sun, and I can't look away
And she'll burn our horizons, make no mistake

I'll hide from the world behind a broken frame
And I'll burn forever, I can't face the shame

Ed Harcourt - Braille (Full Lyrics, YouTube)
You Haibara gets his wish and sees his sister wake up. He goes to the roof to witness the destruction.

Don't forget I'm still around
How the wind feels free
Behind the smile I fade away
The wayward days are gone
I love this power
I love this power
I love this power that's crushed so easily.

Thrice - The Earth Isn't Humming (Full Lyrics, YouTube)
To the islanders, the Day Without Suffering is the end of everything. Ten years later, the same forces are rising, and the disaster will be even greater.

One decade later. And another one must fall down.
The earth isn't humming. I watched them all fall down.
Fell into the sound in front of me. Unchanged by those around.
Directionless. An open sea. We'll watch as time tumbles down.

Nine Inch Nails - La Mer
The sea is central to the ritual, but isolates the island, too, keeping its secrets hidden, its mysteries unsolved.

(Instrumental) YouTube

The Gathering - New Moon Different Day (Full Lyrics, YouTube)
The spirits of the island wait to cross over.

I'm on the other side
I watch time pass
and I see, I have to go along
with the water that will lead the way

Part III - 1980
Rhea's Obsession - The Dreaming Blade (Full Lyrics)
Choushiro wakes up again in front of the hospital. He and You once more re-enact the endgame that led to their deaths. Everything repeats itself on the island, but this time, something is different.

Wake now child
In the middle of the night
The edges of your mind
Have grown a little wild

Nine Inch Nails - In This Twilight (Full Lyrics, YouTube)
Ruka plays the Tsukimori Song, and after ten years, the Kiraigou finally does what it's supposed to. Choushiro and Souya get one last chance to help before their journey to the other side.

Night descends
Could I have been a better person
If I could only do it all again

And the sky is filled with light
Can you see it?

The Gathering - Nighttime Birds (Full Lyrics, YouTube)
The dead are finally able to pass on into the next world.

Their ways are open
they spread as their wings

Sarah McLachlan - Drawn To The Rhythm (Full Lyrics, YouTube)
In the still and silent dawn another day is born
Washed up by the tireless waves the body bent and torn
When you wake in the face of the blinding sun and you search only to find
That heaven is a stranger place than what you've left behind

For whatever we lose (like a you or a me)
it's always ourselves we find in the sea.


Megaupload isn't working just now, but I can upload to different hosting sites on request if anybody can't use Sendspace. Just let me know! And please tell me if the link expires. Enjoy! :)
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