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Happy weekend, all! It's time for your regular discussion theme! And because I like shipping, and this fandom hasn't had even a little ship war yet, the theme is: Favourite ships. And least favourite, and ones everyone likes that you don't, and anything related to the all important question of who will (or should) get together with whom. And not that I expect anyone to, but just in case, please don't bash anyone's ship.

You can find a list of old discussion threads here, and suggest topics you'd like to see.

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Date: 2010-10-16 11:26 pm (UTC)
karayan: Fatal Frame 4: Choushirou (But what can you do?)
From: [personal profile] karayan
I am big on Choushirou's unrequited love for Sayaka. It's just so quiet and obvious and neither of them say anything about it, but you can just see it. Poor Choushirou. AND I LOVE THE SMILE HE GIVES HER WHEN HE REALIZES HE'S DEAD. It's just this, "oh, so that's the way it is."

I also would like to subscribe to your newsletter on Ryozo/Itsuki, and I think Kei interacting in any way with Misaki would be the funniest thing ever. KEI THOUGHT YUU'S COUSIN WOULD BE, YOU KNOW, MORE LIKE HIM. QUIET. NICE. NOT HELL IN HIGH HEELS.

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Date: 2010-10-16 11:18 pm (UTC)
karayan: Amatsuki: Bonten (MINIMUM SAFETY DISTANCE!!1!)
From: [personal profile] karayan
HOW ABOUT HAPPINESS/EVERYONE. IS THAT AN ACCEPTABLE SHIP? NO? Okay, fine, we'll run down the list and hit some of the major ones.

Itsuki/Mutsuki: THEY LOVED EACH OTHER TOO MUCH. I don't even think I have to say anything about this one -- Mio summed it up perfectly with that one line in her notebook. The way Itsuki is during the game, in his writings after the ritual, speaks volumes about how much he cared for his brother.

Ryozo/Yae: I find this all sorts of adorable and tragic. Despite Yae's amnesia and the fact that I don't think she was probably ever able to shake off the loss of the part of herself she left behind in Minakami, I really do think they were happy together until the Himuro Manor got the better of them. It might not have been a firey love affair, but I'm sure they were quietly happy and cared for one another quite a bit.

Akito/Kyouka: He said he loved her hair. I don't know, there's something shatteringly romantic and heartbreaking about their story. Despite the fact that she's only meant to sleep with him to produce a female child -- and the fact that he agrees to it so that he can continue his research -- they fall in love. He really would have come back for her, if he'd been able to, and she never gave up on him, even after she died. ... which doesn't work out too well for Kei, oops.

Miku/Rei: They're already best friends and cohabitating. Post-game, as they both learn how to live again, it's pretty easy to see themselves gravitating towards something more. They'd be good for each other, I think. Miku's a steadying influence on Rei, and Rei's a little more forceful where Miku has the tendency towards shyness.

Choushirou/You: This is the pairing I told myself I wasn't going to ship, because it was so obvious, but it hit me hard anyway. I think the two of them bring out the best and worst in each other, oddly enough -- it's a weird sort of mutual desperation. Choushirou is going to catch You, consequences be damned, and You throws himself into enjoying the chase because it's all he has left.

... you know it's Fatal Frame when only one of your favorite pairings involves [FF4 spoilers] living characters. WELP.

As far as least favorite pairings go, IDK, I'm pretty flexible and don't actively dislike much. I don't really go for Kei/Rei, though. There would always be a Yuu-shaped hole in that relationship.

...whoops, replied in the wrong place. derp

Date: 2010-10-18 12:20 am (UTC)
kyouka: (『zero』 THIS IS A BAD IDEA KEI)
From: [personal profile] kyouka
Ahaha, oh gosh, what don't I ship?

Miku/Mafuyu: ...Well, for one thing, I'm the world's biggest sucker for 'cest ships. A friend of mine prompted me to write this when I'd first gotten into the fandom, and then I sort of...fell for it, lol. There's a potential dynamic there that I just really love; Mafuyu was, until Rei came along, the only person Miku trusted enough to open up to. He was there for her after Miyuki killed herself, and the games make it really clear that Miku was, in return, very attached to her brother, enough that she'd risk death to rescue him. It's just so sweet and tragic given what happens at the end of the first game, I can't not like it.

and this leads me to Mafuyu/Kirie, again for the 'bawwwww' factor. Kirie's been alone all her life, she lost the one person she did love and now she's going to be stuck guarding the gate to hell for the rest of eternity, yet she tells them both to leave and not to worry about her...but Mafuyu doesn't leave, he stays with her so she won't have to suffer alone anymore. Kirie was a tragic character, and as depressing as the ending was for Miku, I get why Mafuyu did what he did, and considering how much he gave up to be with Kirie... idek man, I love it a lot. It's bittersweet to the extreme (especially in that fridge logic kind of way, "oh my god, they're going to be there literally forever, they're not going to get to pass on like everyone else, that's so sad!") and I love that kind of stuff.

Next that comes to mind is Rei/Miku, and I don't think I even need to explain this one. It's just so cute. Miku finally opening up and befriending someone after all that's happened is very touching, and throughout the game, Miku's just kind of...there for Rei, helping her out, keeping her on her feet. And well, that scene where Rei's begging Miku not to follow her brother speaks for itself.

Aaaand okay, I think I'll cut down on the teal deer for now and just list the rest of them. Kirie/her unnamed loverboy (seriously, why did they never name the poor guy?), Itsuki/Mutsuki, Mio/Mayu, You/Sakuya (nothing will convince me this isn't canon, roflmao), You/Choushiro, CHOUSHIRO/EVERYONE, because he is just that badass, Reika/everyone because she is also just that badass, Yuu/Rei, Sae/Kei (because I'm...apparently somewhat twisted), Yuu/Kei/Mafuyu, Kyouka/Akito... and at this rate I'm going to list every possible character with every other possible character, so I'd better just hush now. :|a

Okay, okay, one more thing: I totally love the idea of Misaki/Kei now. Just saying.


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