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Quick general notes: There's a few texture pops (most notable in small spaces like the Moon Shrine), and I did get one audio glitch, where Broken Neck's music kept playing all the way through the Demon Mouth after I ran away from her.

Specific new-to-me thing: Decided, halfway through Calamity, to bop back through the Manor via the Anteroom and pick up Ogata and Blinded's photos. Longhair Woman attacked me in the Fireplace room (she spent half the battle apparently stuck in the floor of the upper half of the room). On a couple of tries, Wandering Monk either showed up with her or when I reentered the Fireplace Room. The last try, he didn't appear until I went to the Fishtank Room, where instead of Longhair Woman I got Floating Face and Wandering Monk, and the monk spent most of the battle floating around the rafters (which made him a lot easier to beat, actually).

Anyone else have this happen?

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Date: 2013-06-04 03:59 pm (UTC)
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As I recall, the Broken Neck ghost was the one that scared me the most often because she could be so unpredictable. There were times where I would be in a room and her music would start playing incessantly when she wasn't even there (the music would stop the instant I left the room.) Other times, the music would start playing and a couple of minutes would pass before she'd randomly appear and spin around right in front of my camera. Fans have always wondered if she was just supremely buggy, or if she was intentionally programmed that way to put us on edge. Either way, the end result was the same (brown pants), so it's really hard to say with her.

And I'm pretty sure the combination of Wandering Monk and one of the other minor ghosts (especially the Long Hair Woman) is a fairly common occurrence on the Third Night. In fact, I seem to recall there being a minor boss battle in the Fishtank Room for the distinct privilege of solving the door puzzle again that the Wandering Monk could butt in on, which was really bad news for inexperienced players. I always assumed that anywhere the Long Hair Woman could spawn naturally, the Wandering Monk also had a chance to appear. I don't know about the Floating Face, though. Was that the minor boss battle in the Fishtank Room? It's been too long; I can't remember.


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